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Diaper Brand Names:
Happy endings

Diaper Style Names:
Dependeco: AIO AB Cotton Diapers ... category=1

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Experience and Review:

I originally bought the happy endings cloth diaper two years ago. The one I purchased was one of the first styles they created and the first time they'd used the "hook and loop" closure (velcro). The diaper lasted a year, even though I beat it up pretty bad. However past that the velcro wore out, which was very sad for me. However their new style of diaper has velcro "laundry tabs" which you affix the velcro to which drastically boosts the velcro's longevity. Otherwise, the pocket diaper was adequate at best when I first purchased it, but since then they've started adding leg gussets which are like leak guards. An impressive addition that I've always wanted. Pocket diapers, which is what Happy endings specializes in, are only as absorbent as the padding you stuff into them and the microfiber inserts I got from them were not adequate for heavy wetting. However they did send me a hemp bamboo insert at one point as a "please forgive us" when they got part of my order wrong. These hemp bamboo inserts are absolutely wonderful and very thirsty.

Dependeco diapers are extremely sturdy. I have been wearing one dependeco diaper for two years and still going strong (though the one I bought had it's bright and colorful outer cover deteriorate over time and I had to remove it). Dependeco diapers are thirsty but definitely need additional padding. I am a very heavy wetter so it's easy for me to soak through the limited padding the AIO starts out with. This unfortunately means that Dependeco diapers are actually kind of leaky on their own (and even sometimes when stuffed), and I wouldn't wear one without a cover or a pair of plastic pants. However if you want a generally self contained diaper that will last you for years and years, look no further.

Personal Preference:
When I first bought the happy endings diapers they were very rudimentary, but have since stepped up their game. I swear by dependeco diapers, but the next time I purchase a diaper I'm going to try Happy endings again because of the leg gussets.

Negatives or Areas of Improvement:

Happy endings:
-Microfiber soaker insert is kind of a joke on its own. However I'm not sure how they've changed.
-Original lack of laundry tabs kept the diaper from being sturdier over time. They have since added them.
-Good customer service repaired my order, but originally they screwed it up.
-Kind of a personal preference but I don't like microfleece. I think it's too hot.

-Kind of leaky on its own, wear with a cover.

Positives or Areas of Quality:
Happy endings:
-Decent customer service overall
-Leg gussets <3
-New features!

-Lasts forever
-Form fitting. Very good fit.
-Laundry tabs (!!!)
-Lots of designs to choose from
-Self contained

Other Thoughts:
I really want to give leg gussets a try. I'd die for good leak guards.
So I just tried the happy endings diaper I mentioned in this review. It's really awesome. Here is my ascertation of it.

-Looks very absorbent. Hemp bamboo insert looks thirsty and the pocket inside looks like it can hold additional soaker pads.
-Leg gusset works well. It fits right up against my leg, which will prevent leaks.
-Included soaker pad is also form fitting, which, in some ways, makes it even better at holding liquid if used as a top layer.
-Laundry tabs included for increased durability in the wash. Additionally, it's been recommended to line dry the shell, so that's what I do now. This will make the shell last much longer.
-Price is very cheap for a high end cloth diaper.

-The leg gusset is very tight and sort of bites into my skin. this is common of all plastic pants but as I wear plastic pants over my diapers, the two working together left my leg feeling bitten.
-The snaps for the insert are very weak. Obviously I plan to be using more inserts, but everything is held in place with two straps on either end of the diaper that are not super great at keeping everything in place. Not that it' a big deal as I usually let my soaker pads float anyway, but if they were going to try to make it work they should have brought the straps down a little lower.
-Not a super big con but the designs are slightly more adult because the company is not oriented to the ABDL community. Hard to find just the right one.

Final thoughts: I will probably buy more of this, but only when the come out with better designs (They come out with new ones all the time which is great).

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