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For those of you in the Great Northwest of America, we have a chain of stores called Bi-Mart. I recently bought their stretch briefs to try, and now it's time to review!

First of all, these briefs are manufactured in the midwest by Drylock Technologies. This company also makes other store branded stretch briefs such as Wal-Mart's Equate/Assurance which are of a different design (I will be posting a review of these shortly).

As for fitment, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy they are to put on. They use a single hook and loop tab on each wing with a stretch panel to give you a custom fit. These diapers are pretty thin, so easy to conceal under clothes. Lots of crinkle noise and not breathable on hot days.

As for usage, I found these to be surprisingly absorbent despite their thin construction. The standing leak guards worked great at keeping everything in, haven't experienced any leaks yet, even when used overnight. The padding comes up pretty high in the front and rear, and they also look relatively babyish in plain white. Has a wetness indicator.

Overall, I would recommend these diapers based on their low cost(0.43c per diaper) and great performance. They are frequently on sale as well. Finding a cheaper diaper with these features is almost impossible, so stock up!

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