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Topics pertaining specifically to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer/Questioning discussions, help needs, questions, points, and other conversations.
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So, being genderfluid, it can be difficult to explain to people my pronoun preferences. Generally, I'm neutral, so I use they/them. I make announcements when I feel a certain way on all of my tumblrs and social media. But like I said, it can be difficult to explain to people what I identify as. People still ask me how I can just feel like a girl one day, then a boy the next, then nothing or both yet another day.
What are your opinions on pronouns? What do you prefer? How do people react if you tell them
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The people around me are surprisingly ok with me being agender (both professional and private field, I do consider myself lucky). Having people who never really thought much about gender use correct pronouns can be a little bit tricky though. It does eventually wear me down if I have to confront too many people about my gender in a day. It's a right pain at times, but it's still easier than trying to pretend that I have a gender. I use they/them
At first, I identified as genderfluid as well (I am now happily ftm trans) but I usually wore bracelets that were a certain color to express how I was feeling. There were plenty of people who still used 'she' pronouns when I was in a 'he' mindset (if that makes sense) so I just kind of had to brush it off and kept moving forward. But those who were closer to me who always check my left wrist to see what bracelet I was wearing and when they couldn't see or I forgot they would always have the mind to ask. I honestly see no big deal with what pronouns OTHERS use, as long as you are happy with what pronouns you use yourself and address yourself with. Because the more you use it, the more those around it do as well from what I've noticed.
I'm gender fluid. I sometimes feel more feminine than masculine or vice versa. It all depends on the day and what I'm doing. Recently I've been more feminine but it could swing the other way at any time.

Pronouns are hard because it's something other people are too lazy to use properly and it irritates me. I default to they/them for other people until they identify themselves to me because I don't want to accidentally misgender a person. So I try to stay neutral. For me, I will answer to literally whatever pronouns everyone throws at me. I've been called by a wide variety of them throughout the years so I just go with whatever. :)
i’m neutrois and use they/them. i get very uncomfortable when people use any other pronouns for me - my family is incredibly hit or miss with it, which sucks. at school 9 times out of 10 my pronouns are respected which is much better. gender is hard
I've been gender fluid for years, and people in my life still refer to me as she/her. It is exhausting, but I've gotten tired of trying to correct people at this point. I did go by they/them but people had issues with it since it is technically a plural. I'm currently trying Z/Zay pronouns (Long Z sound and basically the word say but with a Z) I find it's easier on people since it is so similar to he/him, she/her pronouns while still being neutral and they're more willing to use it. It's harder since I do present myself as female most of the time (for me female clothes fit better, and I like their color and pattern options better then men's wear). An option is to say it's a foreign pronoun term and hope it works, but then it's lying. It's all so stupidly complicated. I wish there were no labels. So people could just be people.
I'm trans, but it's not something I often talk about online. On social media and stuff it's fine, because people assume I'm cis, but in person I rarely pass so pronouns are sort of tricky. I rarely correct people, unless I know they are positive about the LGBT community, but even then I can be pretty shy. It's really frustrating sometimes.

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