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By Deleted User 74832
I finally got my own place with my cat. This is why I haven’t been very active
It’s an small place but for just me and my cat its perfect. The rent is great too just $600 monthly
I’m a little upset that the movers broke my tv I just got around Black Friday but luckily I be getting an new one that the movers are buying me. It will be the same they have too since it was there doing it got damaged. I just got internet hooked up and since I got approve i got an discount for it. I only have to pay $15 an month for it and that is an ton better then $45 I would had to pay if i didn’t get approve. I’m super happy and haven’t miss my old place yet. I moved in on Friday so its been like 5 to 6 days already. It’s close to work so i didn’t have to switch jobs thankfully

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