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So the job I got took so much of my time and energy to the point where I would be too tired and stressed to get into littlespace. After a couple months I started looking for a new job now that I'm moved in with Daddy and my savings was built back up. I put in my 2 weeks and after I left I finally had some time to relax and recharge. After just taking some time to breathe and rest, I finally had a night where there was nothing to do the next day, I wasn't sleepy, my brain wasn't crowded, I wasn't worried about anything. I decided to have a little night. Daddy made me a plate of dino nuggies and carrot sticks, I set up all my stuffies on the bed, and watched one of my favorite christmas specials from growing up. Daddy also went out and got me ice cream, and we found some hot choccy with lucky charms marshmallows. It was so nice, my head was clear, I could use littlespeak, I could get all comfy and I was so happy! :stuffie:
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