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By Poppet
… at being here. I’m not sure if this is the appropriate place, but I’m glad I fell into the rabbit hole that brought me here. I didn’t have any clue to how wide this little niche of the community is. I didn’t know it was more than adults wearing diapers and being a baby. I’ll shamefully admit, I was one of the masses who saw that in humor setting and laughed. Because I couldn’t relate. Because I didn’t know.
And to those who do feel that way, I want to offer my genuine apologies. I see you. I respect you for who you are. I embrace you for all you bring.
I’m going through this phase of self discovery and embracing me when no one else seems to want to. It was in that effort I found myself learning about big/little and what it actually encompasses; which is really a lot. I had no idea or even an clue that I fell into this group aside from my natural submissive nature and I never really felt mature for my age. I don’t even want to order drinks for myself at a bar because I don’t feel adult enough. I’m 37.
I don’t feel as young as most seem. I fall into adult teen but still. It explains a lot of my personality and who I am currently.
I can’t begin to tell you the thrill when I saw there are movie nights here? Please tell me that’s true?
Again, I’m just so glad to be here. And so appreciative of how forward others are in their sharing. I hope you all understand that you do hold the light for others like me. Discovering for the first time their true selves. It’s not just the roles played but the courage in being your honest self that speaks the loudest. And that deserves acknowledgment.
An emotional me
We're glad you here and you will find this to be a very supportive community, whether you've been a little for a long time and maybe have had to hide it, or if you are just finding out about the little side of you and want to know more and talk with others who are like minded.

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