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By Qasqg3
Ok i know u guys wondering why i not doing this in the same post its because i met dease two lovely people at two diffrent times. I bout tell u all what i talking about. So i got a mommy now!!! Yayyyyy!!! I met my mommy on here it seems that this is a great place to match people who have the same likes together. Anyways so my mommy is awesome and i havent exactly met her yet i like i met daddy but ik i will get to see her sooon. She is super sweet to me an i jus know where the perfect match we jus are. Sometimes i tink she she is waaayyy nicer den daddy *giggles* but dats anada post. I am so glad i got to be introduce to mommy. She is anada gud ting dat happen to me..an i will awways love her jus like daddy.
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By Qasqg3
*sighs* mommys gone guys 🙁 so im looking fo a new one. but i guess i still had a great time while it lasted. i miss her and im sad but im strong im continuing my search again and ik i find one one day. i almost came close but that one wasnt right fo me either so continuing searching.
Sorry to hear that Qasqg3 break ups or not being able to see someone you care for again can be tough. I hope you find someone again. Good luck with your search!

:heart: Hugs :heart:

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