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By Qasqg3
You guys i hab de greates daddy in the world. I found my perfect daddy after long time of searching of course we met on here an we jus tuk it from there at first things didnt work out but then things hot better again. We still hab disaggrements tome an then but i could never ask fo a better daddy. Of course most of you know who my daddy is of you dont i tell you his username is jken an not only is he de gweates daddy he is de gweates mod on this website to. My daddy helps alot on this site. An i am so proud to call him daddy and to be his little an i jus wuvvvvv him so much. Yes he can be strict at times but ik he always has the best interest in mine. Me an his relationship has grown in time. Daddy is won who got me into diapys an at firat i was skeptucal but now i wuvv dem. Daddy has gotten me pacis an taken care of me when i was down hes awways dea fo me when i needd him. So not only is this a post about finding my perfect match its awso a shoutout post to my daddy who i love so much. Tanks daddy fo evewyting i do to me. An i could neva jus say how much i truly do wuvv u.
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By Qasqg3
me and my daddy are still going. i love my daddy. i made this post awhile ago i think a lil more then a half a year and my daddy and i are still together shout out to me an my daddy fo making lasting love hehehe

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