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By LittleMarie
:heart: mys daddy had been looking for mes goes awhile. I's just starteded looking. Thens one's day we's in chat room. We's starteded talks and then it's was like majic. We hits it off real nice. Comes to gefer likes blue on a Smurfs tail. Wells, we's talked agains privately ands cames to stand that we were just ments to be. So now's ibes gotts the greatest daddy in dah world. And he's will loves me and takes cares of me.
I agree hun it's magical! Right from the very beginning we fit together like peanut butter and jelly :heart:

I feel blessed to have met you sweetie. Even though your a spoiled naughty little princess, I think your perfect. :hugs:

I don't know where this magical journey will take us, but I'll always be there holding your hand. :heart:
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By Qasqg3
Congratulations!!! I am so happy for u both. isnt littlespace online just awesome. I found a perfect daddy and mommy on here. Jus like u found a great sista. I happy fo u bot an wish u bot de happiest life lol i hope i dont sound like a ole lady or something.

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