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After a long time of looking, some heartbreak, and a good deal of patience I have found my perfect little sister. She's just amazing, she's fun to talk to, and I love to make her happy. It's pretty amazing, and I'm very happy at this point. So thank you Little Space Online, by a slight chance of searching, and giving out a Chance message, I got Nirvana.
Congratulations!!! I am so happy for u both i hab a sista too but were not together yet but i will make a post about it later. Anyways isnt littlespace online just awesome. I found a perfect daddy and mommy on here. Jus like u found a great sista. I happy fo u bot an wish u bot de happiest lief lol i hope i dont sound like a ole lady or something.
Alas, things were not to last and all has crumbled round. What was was love and in the spring has now come tumbling down. Time has moved to winter now and left me in the cold, I only wish my aching heart was only half as bold.

Things didn't last and things have ended. I'm sad that it ended like this really, but time seems to love misery, no?

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