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We found each other! After feeling so left out by regular dating methods and stumbling on this pretty wittle space, I got to know the sweetest Daddy in the whole wide world! (and he found a pretty good little :3)

so @savagecuddles and I are here to say thank you for a happy ending :heart:
That's super lovely, I'm happy you and your daddy found each other! I hope he takes care of you and you both make lots of great memories together forever and evers :3

Now I must resume the hunt for my daddy! Send me some good vibes so I'll hopefully get a happy ending too! <3

Peace, love and hugs ^_^
Congratulations!!! I am so happy for u both.littespaxe online always comming thru well alot of times. I found a perfect daddy and mommy on here. Jus like u two found each other. I happy fo u bot an wish u bot de happiest life lol i hope i dont sound like a ole lady or something.

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