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SUCCESS!! In less then two weeks we accomplished something that we have been trying months to do! We found a little!!! :craze:
This site made that happen!! She is the most amazing person in the world!! I can't express the happiness she makes us feel!! :D
:123: we are finally complete! (Almost, when we finally can hold her in our arms then we will be officially complete but until then)
Thank you to the admins for creating this site and running it so smoothly!!
good luck everyone!
Im very happy to hear that! As a daddy myself, I am astonished that you have a little and a mommy figure as well. Thats mind blowing, considering alot of the littles I know prefer Daddy or Mommy to themselves.
Congratulations! I feel like finding a family like that must be very difficult, I'm happy to hear you guys were able to find each other. Any pointers for trying to find a poly relationship like that for a single Daddy? Balancing emotions and attention like that (from my one experience with two littles) can be kinda difficult, not that I cared for either of them less, one just came by the house more frequently than the other
Congratulations!!! I am so happy for u all. isnt littlespace online just awesome. I found a perfect daddy and mommy on here as well. Although i havent met my mommy yet i am so happy to hab a mommy an daddy because dats not vewy common specially since its hard to come by a ddlg family. Anyways I happy fo all of u.
congrats i hope i will have as much success. It just goes to show that if you keep working and making the effort things will fall into place. I wish mam dad and baby the very best for the future.

Im sure baby will be getting all the attention (and more) than she needs x

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