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I'm a 23 year old little, and I have a big who loves me very very much. Eventually we want to get married, and we've talked about having kids before. I've always been on the fence about kids, but since discovering I'm a little I've become even more apprehensive about it. If you want to have the little lifestyle, does that completely cut out having kids? How do you balance being a little and having actual babies to take care of? I love the idea of having a family with him, but I'm also afraid that this side of me will have to all but disappear if we want children. This is causing an immense amount of anxiety from me because I don't want to have little things if I'll just have to hide them away for years and years until the kids move out. Any advice and/or comforting words from littles in motherhood would be greatly appreciated! :heart: :heart:

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