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Yep!!! His name is Twilight. He a Bawn owl!! :D :splode:
By Deleted User 54514
I have a star projector for a night light. I keep a back up purple portable night light just in case. Both use batteries in case of a power outage. I have always been scared of the dark. If it is so dark that I can't see then I assume there must be something scary near me.
So much! I don't often have nightmares, but more of stress dreams. My dreams have started getting super realistic and scaring me so so much! I sleep with strings of fairy lights that softly change throughout the night. And I even bought some new ones that can change colour that I'm real excited to put up! :splode: They work a whole lot better than my old nightlights, which would run outta batteries real fast, and I used to sleep in a castle bed, which was hard since I was scared of everything outside the door; now my whole room is safe :)
Someone mentioned Himalayan salt lamps, I have 2, one that's a full-size lamp in my bedroom, and another that's my bathroom nightlight. I like them because I feel they spread good vibes! 😊 But the full-size one emits a good bit of light so I have this little cutie that protects me at night now instead!
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(I'm hoping to buy a bunny LumiPet once I've earned enough "good girl stars"!) ::3:
I too also need a nightlight at night. I have very bad night anxiety and am actually planning to get a brighter unicorn nightlight for Christmas! Right now I have a little unicorn that glows, and my Mama refers to her as our “protective friend” because I do tend to get scared at night. But, it’s light is very dim so I do hope to get a new one!

But, you are truly not alone! It’s okay to need a nightlight :pinkh:

FillyCub :stuffie:
I absolutely need a night light, even on the rare occasion that I'm big at night. (At which point I sleep with a sleep mask on, but that light had better be there when I take it off.) I've had too many nightmares that start where I can't get the lights to turn on to sleep without one.
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