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:pheart: As you can see I have several complicated questions. So I'll go through them in seperate paragraphs. Please give any and all help!

Are there any little online communities? i used to be in an age regression amino. It got deleted because amino wouldnt allow them but now their allowed as long as their private. However i dont even know any littles or daddys anymore. I dont want to use instagram even though its really active because i dont want my irl friends to run into it. I couldnt even make a private one because i dont have little friends to begin with. If instagram connects your accounts together im afraid my little account would pop into their suggestions. Tumblr is dead and i dont even get any response from it. Also i like group chats.

How do I delve into the online community while hiding my irl identity? I want to chat, share stories and ideas, but i dont want it to connect with my identity irl. Private accounts would be best but again I dont have agere petre or mommy/daddy/master friends.

How do I express my little side to those Im in relationships with without them associating it with kink? I've always been stuck at a young age mentally. I went through school and have a job but i still regress when Im home as a coping mechanism to past trauma and that includes pet regression too. My family thinks nothing of my toys, coloring books, ect. My old friends for years are used to it too and also knew how i was even before i found out what agere was, like my family. But they know nothing about my actual regression. But they still support it. Everything was fine until i met a few people i really like, not so platonically, and now I'm wondering how I would express my little puppy side even just the slightest bit around them.
I know that if someone ends up loving you theyll love you no matter what blah blah blah. But I dont know how to even drop the slightest hint that I even play with toys! I'm just so scared of scaring people away and I don't want anyone to think I'm too different. Don't get me wrong, I love the thought of someone even treating me like a childish pet or even having a daddy. But that would probably never happen. So how can I just express little things, at least for now, without blowing my cover? It makes me sad to have to hide it even when chilling with friends.
Are there any little online communities?
Hi. Welcome to our community! :hi: We would not direct you anywhere else, as this is the place to be, safe, friendly, reliable, and reasonably active. The chat room is usually decently active in the evenings when people are off of work and out of school, but you are more than welcome to frequent it as much as you would prefer.

How do I delve into the online community while hiding my irl identity?
General internet safety is very important and I do understand that. Many people use a pen-name or "screen name" online. Your username can be just that, and you can ask that people refer to you as your username only. You can sign written and drawn artworks as your username. You should not reveal your address, your specific work location, your phone number, or other identifying information that could help someone directly connect with you "IRL" if you wouldn't want them to do so--which means, exchange things like private message usernames, well, privately!
You may want to do a quick internet search for internet safety tips.

How do I express my little side to those Im in relationships with without them associating it with kink?
I feel like encouraging your partner(s) to become educated about the community is what you're really seeking in this question. I don't personally see a different answer other than that. WIth that being said then, I would suggest that any reveal would be accompanied by providing resources and encouraging your partner to explore both separately and together with you. You are encouraged to read over our resources as well as direct anyone you are seeking to educate to them (either as a whole or individual links):
I'll take a crack at your questions! This is based on wat i've experienced, so could be wrong or mayb someone more knowledgeable can chip in (:

1. Are there any little online communities?
:pinkh: as far as i've found/know of this is one of (or the) biggest little specific community, outside of like maybe some facebook groups or somethin like instragram. that one BDSM community website is a popular kink site and theres a community there, but its not specifically little/cg. I've also found a few small reddit groups and smaller dicussion board/postings related groups on specific kink sites (such as a adult baby/diaper forum section) but those aren't really communities. This is proabably the best community i've found so far

2. How do I delve into the online community while hiding my irl identity?
:pinkh: you dont havta reveal much of anything (atleast on the site) that relates to your irl identity if you don't want. This is a place to explore yourself and your interests and interact with people, not strictly a dating site or a meetup site. I usually just come here to talk with other like minded peoples, have fun and be myself! I personally try to not post face pictures of myself or use my full name or phone number to avoid potential incidents with that, but you could if you wanted or really got close to someone and wanted to have those kinda discussions withem.

3. How do I express my little side to those Im in relationships with without them associating it with kink?
:bheart: This totally depends on you, them, and your relationships! Some people don't mind if others think they are weird/quirky, some people are really shy about their little interests, and some friends might react diferently. I've kinda incorporated my little interests into my life as much as i felt comofrtable doing, my room has a ton of stuffies in it and i like watching cartoons at night or whenever im bored, and my parents/friends just think its an interest I have. If you want to get more involved with an aspect of your interests with close friends or family you'd probably wanna talk to them about it first and kinda have that discussion.

If any of this was confusin or I said something weird lemme kno im happy to talk about it more (:
Thank you both a lot! I'm glad, now that I've looked around, theres a lot here! As much as I like BDSM on a close relationship level its really just that, close relationships, and I don't see a need to join anything thats more on the extreme relationship side. (If that makes sense?) So this site is perfect! Even though I'm used to apps, especially amino, I will get used to this site well I'm sure since the layout is like a classic forum. I LOVE how you have to have an account to see the forum so stuff I do isn't easily searchable.

I see now that I can also divide my interest (like toys, cartoons and coloring) until I get super close to someone (which wont happen for a while I'm sure!) then I can inform them and have them look into it.

:pheart: :devil:

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