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Hi all!

I'm really new to the lifestyle/dynamics, and I'm trying to find clothes for when I'm little. Problem is, I'm at a size large (at least) right now, so I can't buy stuff from the kids department. When I've tried to make specifik searches at asos, zalando etc., so much super adult stuff comes up and it really bums me out that, even though I'm trying really hard, so much "sexy" and/or super adult fashion-y stuff comes up. :sadno:

My little-age is around 8-10 years old, so I'm not looking for baby clothes or diapers. I also don't want my clothes to be sexual in any way - no lingerie, school girl outfits etc. What I'm picturing is maybe a kinda shapeless dress, some shirts and t-shirts, cute leggings/tights and a sweatshirt. And basic cotton panties with flower/heart prints, you know, like a child might wear. I'm also not very into a lot of prints of cartoons etc., but I'd like patterns, stripes and colors.

Also, I live in Sweden, so the optimal online store/seller for me would be one that operates in Europe, preferably in the EU so I don't have to pay so much taxes to have stuff shipped here, but it's not a huge problem if there aren't any good ones over here.

So, do you guys have any tips? Anyone in the same situation?

Thanks a bunch!
- Kattis

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PS. I'm sorry if this topic has been discussed a million times before and you guys feel it's repetitive. I'm new here and still trying to learn how to navigate the forum properly. I checked out some of the links to stores from the "resources" bar, but I had a hard time finding anything that suited me very well. I didn't sped a lot of time doing that, though, as I'm apparently easily triggered by the sexy stuff :(

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