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I've known for quite some time that I'm a Little girl, however, I don't have a Caregiver and would like to have one, one day. The closest thing I have are friends who look after me, like "I got your back" ordeal. I always act younger than I am and am very hyper and tend to get distracted easily, so they'll take on a parental role sometimes and like make sure I don't leave my phone or belongings behind on a shelf, keep me focused while I'm studying, love when I geek out about things I love, make sure I'm okay when they notice I'm upset, or if I have too many textbooks they'll hold them for me willingly, (like normal friends do I believe--I usually have not very nice friends because I'm overly kind, but recently I've made new friends like these for the first time in a while and it's just so nice and reassuring)

Anyway off topic a bit, sorry!

But, like I said, I don't have a Caregiver, like a Daddy or Mommy, and I just wanted to know for those Littles on here who do have one, what is it like?

Thank you :stuffie:
What’s is like having a caregiver.. hmm... it’s so hard to describe simply! Everyone has different relationships with their partner/caregiver. Here is mine.

My partner is far more than just a caregiver to me, he is friend, lover, daddy dom, master, etc

It feels very comforting and special that someone you love, loves you back and is willing to be a part of your life. When we connect as a couple it feels empowering, in a weird paradoxical way because I’m a submissive and a little most of the time. It gives me freedom to interact in this dynamic with the one I love. And it’s very fulfilling. I feel very grateful that I have someone that accepts me for who I am and someone I can share myself with, and dedicate myself to.

Although most of the time is feels really good, there are some times that I feel like I am unworthy of daddy’s care and affection. Sometimes I feel like I am burdening him with who I am, but I think that’s just the depression/anxiety speaking, and he reassures me it’s not true.

To be in a relationship, especially a ddlg/cgl one, is very fulfilling, there are some ups and down obviously but overall I feel very lucky.

I know you will find your special someone someday. But until then, enjoy being single and little, if you are feeling lonely just remember that you are special and there is someone out there for you. Make the best of every moment.
Best Wishes <3
Thank you so much for your input and sharing your experience...that made me so incredibly happy to read. I really do hope I find someone who will accept me for not only my adult side, but for Little side as well and will be compassionate and caring...I one day look forward to having such a comforting relationship I can trust without anxiety.

Your advice at the very end was so amazingly well said..thank you so much for your help and kindness. You’re the best!

FillyCub :hugs:
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It is so nice! It's fun and makes time go by happily ! You have to set rules and you have to set up likes and dislikes before you can get to this point though. Everyone has points they like and don't you have to give and take some on both sides to make it work. You have to find a special person you connect with and feel safe with for both to have fun! I'm married to my adult and love her. I'm her little and she loves me for me. I hope you all find this at some point if you really like it. Very fun. I know a little and a little that are married as well! They both take turns with adult roles and it seems to work for them! All about set rules in place and what is excepted by both and not and what other may try if asked by the other. Give and take thing like any relationship! :shuff:
First off I want to say that I really hope that you can find yourself a caregiver of your own one day!

I'm a little boy who has a daddy, It's not very common that you find that. He's not only my daddy, he's also my boyfriend. He is such a caring person. He accepts my big and little side.
When I'm little, he takes care of me as if I was his own child. He bathes me, feeds me, plays with me, loves on me, and helps me with my problems.
When I'm big, he makes sure that I'm not too stressed out, listens when I need to vent about things, holds me when I cry, and challenges me to be better.
I would give him anything in this whole world to make him happy. And I sure wouldn't change my situation for anything.
That is so amazing...thank you so much for sharing. What you have inspires me to not give up in believing that one day I will find someone who accepts both my big and Little side. So happy for you!

FillyCub :stuffie:
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