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By Joker
Does anybody on here happen to play Overwatch? Preferably on PS4, but I'll be getting it on PC soon I hope! I'm not amazing at it or anything, kinda new and learning everything still. I mainly play Soldier & Pharah at the moment. It'd be cool to play with some people. c:
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By LizzDaPanda
Yass, my name is the same if you wanna add me :). I love overwatch and so does my daddy. I flex like crazy, but I main junkrat, mei, orisa and mercy. I do a lot of comp, but I like quickplay and arcade just fine . I've prestiged a bit tho. I also play paladins if you're interested. It's free btw.
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By Snowflake911
I play!! :craze: :craze: I play on Xbox one tho... But i'd love to play!! my mains are Junkrat and Mercy but i have at least 2-3 in every category I like to play as so I'm great at just going where ever my team needs me! So if anyone is intrested in playing with me just shoot me a message on here and maybe we can set up a time to play a round...or 20 lol
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By Emily
I used to play a bit on PS4, but I got annoyed at having to play for Playstation Plus all the time. I also own it on PC (fortunately, you don't have to pay monthly to keep playing it on there.) I haven't played in a few months, but I was super obsessed with playing as Mercy. I was also good at other characters too, like Roadhog, Bastion, and Ana.
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