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Disclaimer: We don’t know the context, so any suggestion given may be imprecise. Also, we heavily encourage you to go seek medical advice if you haven’t already done so – bladder problems can be an indication of some other, more serious medical condition.

Basically, the question of whether or not you should approach your parents rests on anther question.

“Why do your parents need to know?”

This is important. You’re legally an adult, so at this point your family doesn’t need to know everything about what goes on in your private life.

Some details that would make it easier for others to suggest how to breach the subject with your parents:
  • Is your condition diagnosed or is it self-diagnosed? Please see a doctor about this if you haven't yet.
  • How did you come to the determination that you need diapers? Why now, why not before?
  • How would your quality of living improve because of diaper usage?
  • Are your parents generally aware of your health?
Generally speaking, it is prudent to separate concerns. If you want to wear diapers for personal reasons (such as for regression purposes), then you should express your concerns to your parents with a more clinical approach.

“Mom, dad, I have this problem, and out of all the possible solutions to improve my quality of living, wearing diapers will increase my confidence about my condition without hindering me.”

Wearing diapers is a very good way to facilitate regression. However, it is generally not advised to include other people, 3rd parties, into a very personal activity. If you want to wear diapers for a medical condition then that’s okay.

However, if you want to initiate the conversation about your innermost thoughts and feelings, and give them an idea of who you are as a person and what Littlespace means to you, diapers are not a prudent way of making such revelations. That would most likely be jarring and has a greater chance of things not going positively.

General coming-out tips can be found here:

Tips on telling friends and family about being a little or adult baby

See also: should and how should I tell my mom and dad I might want to get into diapers or pull ups

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