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ok so i didn't what kind of title to use for this thread so if theres a better title for this thread or there is already a thread with this discusion already on the site then i appologise.

with that said here is the topic of the thread.....

ok so i have heard from loads of people that if you wear diapers/nappy's for a long period of time that it can make you lose control of your muscles. for example bladder and bowel, but is that actually true or is it just people fantasizeing about it ?

yes some people want to be incontinent 24/7 and fair play to them if they can understand what pros and cons come with that and how it will change certain aspects in their life then i will them to go for it. but not everyone actually wants that. for some people its just something they want but realise that it is not actually something they can do or dont want to do. they just want to keep as a play thing or wear without actually being incontinent.

what i want to ask is this from medicaly proven facts and information does wearing diapers for a long period of time actually likely to make you incontinent or weaken the muscles of one's bowels and or bladder ?

i would like anyone who has information or experience with wearing for long and or short periods of time to leave their feedback on how much they wear and if it has actually made a differance or not and what everyone on this site thinks about it.


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By purplehyena
That's some fantasy talk right there.

Wearing diapers will not make you incontinent. Not really, anyway.

It's an underlying fear or hope within the abdl community.

Fear in that it is spread so that a person doesn't go overboard and maintains control over their wearing.
Hope in that some people really want to be truly incontient when regressed but they don't know how to just magically make that happen so they hope that an item will do it for them and make them forget their control sensations.

You can eventually somewhat unlearn bladder control by wearing and using your diaper so much. That's if you intentionally stop "paying attention" to when you are wetting or soiling. That is over a very long period of time though. It does take effort to "unlearn" and that isn't going to happen over a few weeks or even months. I'd say it'd take a person a good year at the very minimum to really unlearn through practice of not acknowledging the sensations.

"Unpotty training" really though is also learned behavior, where you eventually train yourself to stop noticing the indicators of your body that you were once previously taught to notice. You could, in most cases where there is no true medical issue present, re-train yourself though so it would not be a true incontinence when it comes to capabilities to control.

In my opinion, it's more effort to unpotty train than to potty train. Unpotty training means you already learned the feelings of having to go and you already learned reactions to those feelings. It's really hard for the human body to legitemately begin to ignore those signs when you're a fully grown adult unless there's a medical reason there.

An adult body un-learns things slower than a growing body that has not experienced years of something yet. That's just the facts of life.

If you are use to always wearing a diaper and wetting whenever then you could have an accident when not wearing just out of your own forgetfulness. Again, that would be learned behavior and by choice, to some degree.

It's like a person who wears glasses and they get lasik to correct their vision, but they occassionally reach for where they wore their glasses on their face even though they don't wear glasses any more. They just forget the glasses are not there. Eventually they stop doing that over time until they never do that again.

If you wear a diaper all of the time for years and you teach yourself to not pay attention when you're wetting it then you could just need to remind yourself to actually pay attention again when you're not wearing. Could, is the key word here. And having one accident because you forgot you aren't wearing a diaper doesn't mean you're incontinent. It just means you forgot to pay attention.

Ask yourself this though....

Are infants and toddlers incontinent because they wear diapers or do they wear diapers because they are incontinent?

Are they unable to learn how to control their bladder and bowels because they wear diapers? Or do they still get potty trained? Are the accidents kids have from them wearing diapers or the accidents kids have because they are in the process of learning about their bodily sensations and what they mean while learning how to react to thosee feelings the right ways?

Wearing diapers do not make a person incontinent. Infants and toddlers wearing diapers is the proof.

There is no scientific research about this yet that I could find. I'm just using real world logic.

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