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i want this forum for topic for how to store diapers, wear diapers and clean up your accidents in a stealthy manor so we can all share advice on this.

in my experience and i havent been caught by my bio family yet that if you have a old cupboard in your room that your family isnt bothering to throw away discuss if you can claim it and use it to store items like clothes or tablets (electronic or otherwise) but in the storage at the bottom you can store your diapers.

this works well if your biological parents are old or incapable of bending over or getting to their knees and your siblings will ignore these draws because the draw (storage hole or what ever) is too low to the ground to catch your eye.

NEVER use coffee to cover up the smell of your diapers/changing supply my biological father was trained to be a police officer so a strong smell of coffee would make him think i would be doing drugs rather than something more of a blush worthy thing.
now as i am writing this my jeans are drying because my accident leaked a little and my jeans had a minor smell of urine so i used a remidy to make sure the smell dosnt give anything off

i usually smell of tea, coke (cola not the drug) and engine oil so i mixed coke and oil together in water at a water:coke:oil ratio of 5:1:1 and i use this mixture after cleaning the jeans with water and dabbed it down with disinfectant soap and dabbed it with water to clean the soap off i dab the mixture on it now i dont advise using this mixture instead try and make something that smells like you

(note i would obviously wash the mixture off to prevent more stains)

now if you can and ONLY if you can have the cupboard pressed against the wall and if the wall is thick enough to house a container within it you can put a hidden container in the wall and place a wooden panel over it to disguise it.

if you cannot do that then you can attempt to modify said bit of furniture to take the bottom draws out and seal it up but leave that part where the draws were hollow now the draws above it can be used to access it (i use this to hide mine) to add security you can add a door lock to prevent these draws from sliding out completely and always carry the key on your person i suggest using a dog tag chain to keep your keys on belt loops on your waist and to keep it in a draw by your bed

i hope this information helps what tips do you have to hide your little items?

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