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Stand in front of a sink with water running. It really does help to let loose. Also, just relax and think, "I want to wet my diaper." When you think about it as "your" diaper, and not just "a" diaper, the conditioning begins to melt. Trust that the diaper will do its job and keep you clean and dry. Just keep repeating to yourself, "I want to wet my diapers. I need my diapers." That can also help.

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Hi! Ive been wearing/trying to weasr diapers again since I was 5, and Im actually a full fledged bedwetter now and wear diapers 24/7! So i can help with any questions! The more you do it the easier it will get, I find sometmes taking a deep breath and exhaling can help clear your mind if feel you have to go but youre sort of holding it without trying because youre not near a bathroom etc.

And yeah unfortunantly, most diapers you get at the store like pullups, goodnites etc even most of the adult diaper brands arent going to hold very much and probably leak in awkward positions. If you want to start wearing diapers to bed which is so much fun and feels so good you might want to invest in some adult baby type diapers or perhaps diapers like dry 24/7 which asre high end medical diapers but look and feel like big plain white baby diapers and are super crinkly and plasticy!

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