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Hello diapered friends! We have been over in DateCGL, and while the trend has not been as prevalent as it was at one point, the question still stands. What motivates people to set diapered crotch-shots as profile pictures? And in general, why do people take diapered crotch-shots?

We have a couple of theories, but we don’t know. Perhaps we’re missing something.

One theory is that it signals other users about their diapers and their preference to wear and use them. Perhaps even shows a favorite brand or type of diaper?

Another theory is that the people that do that think that diapers are the most important “face” they can show. As in, if there aren’t diapers involved then don’t bother connecting with them?

Or maybe they think that diapers make them look cute, and are showing off how “cute” they are? We personally disagree with this perspective, if this is the main reason people do this. We mean, practically anybody can take pictures of their crotch and showing off their diaper, so, that makes those types of pictures well... Not special?

We personally believe that a picture that shows a body, a face, and a diaper, is worth a lot more than a picture of a crotch in a diaper that could be anyone’s. It shows context, identity, depth.

Ah, we don’t precisely know and would love to have an insight on what motivates people!

Thank you, and have a good day!
Azure & Vanilla

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I won't claim to understand the motivations of those involved, but at first glance, my first inclination would be to think that this is an extension of the whole "crotch-shot" movement that is infecting the rest of the dating sites. By illustrating their diapers, it's showing everyone else that they are indeed adult babies. And if anything, it is a simplistic enough design for people's eyes to see and think "Oh, that's a diaper, hence they're an adult baby." But who knows, I'm mostly just speculating at this point.

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lets see, i dont think mine is just a crotch shot on that site its probably a picture of all of me and my diapered...crotch, but its any combination of those things, plus i have a very recognizable crotch, it could also be anonymity and if its a site about diaper, well jeez u dont get to show it off anywhere else, idk the only reason it applied to me was because i do post like that elsewhere and i thought about it thats all i got, most of my album work is more or less full bodied in any of the top of the line medical brand diapers, and i do reviews, so i do want people to see the diapers and my tattoo, then they know who it is usually.

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I would have to agree with heisenbergdl with the anonymity of the crotch pic. I almost did it on datecgl but then i realized that no one would recognize my face and that even if they did they were on the same site i was for a reason. I also get that a diaper pic can be cute but there are definitely better ways to make a cute pic and be more personal.

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