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Okay, so! Lately I've been thinking a lot about starting to wear adult diapers, I feel like it'd really help with getting further into the headspace and I am super curious! However! Where to start, where to start!? I've looked through quite a few websites, ones for age players and adult diapers for other people as well. I found ddlgplayground.com on tumblr and it looks like a really cool website with really cool age player stuff. The diapers I'm looking at are these, https://ddlgplayground.com/products/und ... 8982297665 , and they are super cute and I think the cloth will just be easier to use since you can just wash them, sadly I don't have a washer and drier at home but I can either discreetly put them in the public laundromat or just go during less busy times or handwash them, which I do for certain items since it's much gentler and for the diaper and the linings i think would be good (i really like the idea of going number 1 in it, i really like the idea of wearing a diaper in public, like while I'm working, and being carefree enough to just go right their, i hope that's not too weird, lol).

However, I've not been able to find many reviews of the website. I'll probably end up giving it at least one go, both for me and to put some info on here about the site. Has anyone used this site? Are they good? I'll probably still order them within the next day or two since their having a sale and it would bring the price down to somewhere where I'm willing to gamble.

Thank you! :stuffie: :splode: :sleep: :paci:

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Hey. Cloth diaper master here. Been wearing them 24/7 for three years now.

Just by looking at this ad I can tell you some things about the diaper. First it's bamboo lined. That's really good and very absorbent. I love hemp/bamboo liners, though if you really want to go for maximum absorbency you'd need ZORB. Of course, the absorbency depends on two things: 1: How quickly you flood it and 2: How thick you stuff it. If you don't buy some extra diaper liners prepare to get one wetting out of this at most (depending on the size of your bladder of course).

It comes with outer leg gussets which in the cloth diaper world are kind of new. They're like leak guards. HOwever I find that most diapers will leak a little bit whether you're guarded or not so be sure to buy a cloth diaper cover, or PUL/plastic pants. They're life savers if you plan to go out in public.

In terms of washing, I suggest a laundromat and/or hand washing with very specific soaps. Never use a soap with fabric softeners and don't use bleach. Fabric softeners will destroy the absorbency of your diaper and it's hard to reset them after you've screwed them up (you have to wash them with special powders like 10 times).

If you need any other advice, feel free to PM me because there's a lot more about cloth diapering I haven't really touched on.

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Nop, not weird at all. Although i used regular diapers with my ex baby, i don't see the weird part of a little getting the inclination of using them. i can only talk of personal experience, and wish i could give more tips on the cloths diapers, but since i never used them and my dd lg relationship was cut short i am afraid this is as far i go. again, this aint weird, i saw weirder things than this

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