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Recently I've taken to wearing diapers 24/7. I've found that it really helps me connect with my little side better and that it's made me a lot less stressed out. I've also noticed that the Goodnites I bought are good, but they're just not up to snuff. I think I need to try actual diapers rather than Pullups. The problem is, is that I haven't told anyone other than my Mum about being a little and I haven't even told her about the diapers. Can anyone suggest some brands that can handle a larger bladder without being too conspicuous? Cheaper is always better.

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What can ‘easily’ be concealed, actually depends more on your clothing choices and how those clothes fit you, than the diaper you are wearing. As an easy example, if you wear a looser fitting dress or a more flowing maxi style skirt, you could easily conceal the thickest of diapers with relative ease, even if it does nothing to muffle the sound of the diaper. Tighter fitting clothes can help muffle the sound (if your diaper is crinkly) but could become more visibly obvious. What I’ve found over the years is that two things are important: 1) how the diaper fits you. 2) how the diaper fits under your clothes. They both matter, a lot. Finding a diaper that does both, is probably not going to happen, because all diapers fit differently, and even clothes from the same brand of the same size can fit differently, much less different brands and sizes. So my advice would be a few things:

1. Experiment with as many different brands as you can. Try different sizes. You need to find a diaper that fits properly, first and foremost. Proper fit greatly increases comfort and helps stop leaks.
2. Once you find a diaper you really like, test fit it with all your regular clothes and see how it looks, and how they feel with a diaper on. If you really want to wear diapers in a public space, and are concerned with concealment, it could be easier and better to make adjustments to your wardrobe once you find a diaper that works for you, than to find a diaper that works perfectly with your existing wardrobe. A good balance between form fitting and “baggy” is going to be the likely most comfortable and most concealing. Also, heavier weight fabrics conceal better than lighter weight. My advice is be more concerned with any diaper ‘bulge’ in the front, rather than in the back. Because that’s where it’s likely to be the most obvious. How the diaper fits from the front is very important.

But remember that what may be more obvious to you, might not be so to others. Nobody is likely to assume you are wearing a diaper, except other people who wear diapers. I have years of experience with this. That beibg said, certain diapers just likely aren’t going to work for you. Using myself as an example, I can wear a conficare dry 24/7 under my normal jeans, my normal fitting suit pants and shorts, even shorter shorts, with no visibly obvious signs. But a northshore supreme, which is of a similar thickness, is much more obvious, especially in the front, because of the sizing and how it fits me.

Thinner diapers are always easier to conceal. Always. They are usually cheaper in cost as well. But being thinner, they lack in performance. If your aren’t a heavy wetter, or even prefer the feel of a thinner diaper then everything could be easier. I wore nothing but the original Tena slip Maxi for years because of how it fit, felt, performed and it had great cost/value ratio. Until Tena did away with it. I’ve never found a diaper that was better or easier to conceal. The thing about choosing a thinner diaper though, is how often are you likely going to have to change? how convenient is it going to be to change? How many diapers will I have to carry around with me at all times? Generally, unless you are a very light wetter, the thinner the diaper, the more easily concealed, but more inconvenient they are likely to be. While the thicker, the opposite is generally true. I’ve found that besides the aforementioned Tena slip, I haven’t found too many diapers in between being thick and thin, that are available. It’s usually one end of the spectrum or the other. So try, try, try as many different brands as you can. Try different sizes of the same brands if you feel you fall ‘in between’ general size ranges. Ordering samples will be really helpful here. Try them with all your clothes and see how they look and feel. But again, choose the diaper first and make minor adjustments to wardrobe based on that.

As for cheap in cost, I’m afraid there is no such thing. What is cheap is of course relative, and I don’t know what you consider ‘cheap’, but if you specifically ask, I can assume the average cost of abdl specific diapers and the more thicker incontent specific brands are considered ‘expensive’ to you. My advice here, is to once again, find and chose the right diaper for you first, then make adjustments around that. Which can include re-budgeting your finances to afford diapers. (What’s cheap usually isn’t good, and what’s good usually isn’t cheap) and wearing diapers is just expensive, period.
One decent performing and thinner, ‘cheaper’ diaper that I’ve found is the tranquility ATN. But they don’t fit me well at all, and in my experience they run small in their sizing. But they are relatively affordable and if they fit you, can easily be concealed. They are widely available especially in the US. You could also try the newer “active fit” Tena slip maxi. It’s no where near as good as the original but still a decent choice, and still very concealable all around. More expensive and less avaialabilty especially in the US. But still represents a good cost/value ratio. Because you still get 24 to a pack. Hope any of this proves helpful, even if I can’t give you a simple short answer.

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