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Heya guys! Just wanted to make a quick post askin' here because I'm not too familiar on all the brand and their usage

I'm looking for a good diaper brand for nighttime use. I'm trying to get more comfortable with wearing them at night and my current ones (ABU Kiddo) are really great but they are too expencive to justify me wearing one a night.

I've had some good experience with depends small size, what do you night-wearers perfer usually? Ideally just comfortable and decent capacity so I don't really needa worry about that.

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If your looking for overnight diapers I'd start by looking though a few supplier websites even if you don't intend to order from them. North Shore Care Supply for example separates their products between lighter and heavier absorbancy diapers and has a totally different section for their overnight diapers. You can browse around the different brands and see what people have to say about them.

Interestingly enough Amazon now carries many manufacturers diapers and has many reviews on different brands as well.

Off the top of my head Abena, Confidry, and Tena make very absorbant overnight diapers.

In general adult baby diapers work and are cute but diapers marketed more toward the incontinent market are good and a lot cheaper. As I'm sure you know you want to look for one that you think will fit your body and wetting needs right as overnight can be a tricky time for leaks. In general the best diapers for overnight wear are cloth ones though.

I can recommend that if your able you should consider buying one or two pair of plastic pants even to wear over disposables at night which will serve as a good last area of protection between your diaper and urine reaching your bedding. Also as a side note as far as distributors go North Shore Care Supply is ABDL friendly and using any supplier you can tell them your needs and ask questions about products before you buy them. Many will send you free samples as well.

:heart: Good Luck :heart:

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For a night time diaper, I think there are two really important considerations. 1: overall absorbant capacity and 2: what kind of absorbant material and where it’s placed in the diaper. diapers with larger side wings front and back, more absorbant material in the back and a design that typically has absorbant material that comes up ‘higher’ on the body. (Meaning the absorbant ‘pad’ in the diaper is longer from one end to the other) are the most important factors. In my experience the current conficare dry 24/7 is the best all around diaper for night time wearing and use. But if cost is the most important issue in your choice, you might try something like a tranquility ATN, Tena slip ‘active fit’ maxi, abena Delta-form, or Bambino’s ‘total-dry’ like is also a good choice. I don’t wear any diapers that have the ‘cloth-like’ outer, so I can’t recommend anything there. But if you’re currently wearing ABU kiddos, or any abdl specific diaper, then nearly any incontinent specific diaper is going to be cheaper by comparison.

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