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We have worn 24/7 consistently over the past three years with occasional breaks due to work travel or unavailability. We use them for wetting, not for messing. We exclusively wear either Bambino Magnifico, and we're slowly attempting to transition to cloth for home.

It does feel weird not to be in diapers, but we wouldn't say that it feels as if we're naked. There's just the constant thought of "oh, we can't be wetting ourselves and we have to actually go use the potty more often".

It's nice to have the constant reminder that we are Babies through using diapers. "Babies wear diapers, right?" So whenever we're not in them for a few hours we feel like "oh, we've got to be responsible and mustn't wet ourselves".

A few weeks ago we had to change in a public restroom, but we had ran out of spare diapers, so we had to ask Mommy to use her spare panties. It felt so weird! And we felt a little embarrassed that we dribbled a bit into them, but it was all good and Mommy reassured us that accidents happen.

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