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So, question from someone about to start wearing diapers. I’m pretty sure that I’m not going to go 24/7 as it wouldn’t be compatible with my job as a teacher. If anyone found out it could spell the end of my career. So, I’m quite a bit concerned that if I start wearing them at home, I might develop incontinence. I do experience a little bit of involuntary peeing anyway and have to wear pads in my underwear and I do wet the bed from time to time too but obviously, I don’t want to get to a point where I’m constantly wetting myself. Is there a way of controlling that. I would like to use my diapers for what they were made for but still want to retain control of my bladder. Will I be fighting a losing battle or is it possible to do pee pee in diapers but still be able to hold it for toilet usage during my usual life?
I don't wear diapers; however, I have partners who have and do. My partners have worn and used diapers consistently ("24/7") for well over two years now, and used diapers on and off for a years prior. My partners have not magically lost the capability to recognize when they need to urinate, and have recent times where they've had to go without diapers due to work-related travel situations. They have not magically lost bladder control, and they have not mentioned to me that it's been difficult for them to hold their bladder when they've been forced to go without a diaper for awhile.

I'm under the impression that diaper wearing and using will not suddenly cause the inability to control one's bladder, and that if you do seriously put in effort to train yourself to stop paying attention to your bladder functions then you can put in effort to re-train yourself to recognize them again. I think a lot of the hype of magically losing bladder control because one wears/uses diapers is hopeful thinking of many ABDL, but I think that it's unrealistic expectations for the most part. It's more realistic to make the assumption that the people claiming they lost full bladder control in a relatively short time-period (think: how many years has a person been "potty trained" versus how long it magically took them to be "unpotty trained"? Years, likely decades, of being able to control the bladder but only weeks or months to completely forget it?) because they were wearing diapers had accidentally allowed a medical condition to develop and/or go unrecognized and untreated. Realistically, diaper usage can be linked to an increased risk of UTIs and such so if you've lost bladder control then you need to see a doctor to make sure that everything really is okay and something serious hasn't gone untreated.

Also, nobody is likely staring at your body and trying to figure out if you might be wearing a diaper under clothing. Even if the diaper is bulky it is not obvious to the average person. If it were to be discovered then it would immediately be assumed by the general masses that you must have a medical-related condition. Most people do not know about ABDL or assume that of others, and our society has made it an incredibly rude behavior to ask strangers about their undergarments. It would be highly, highly unlikely anyone would think anything other than it being medical related even if the diaper was colorfully printed since most people don't wear diapers and don't know if they come in prints anyway. The shock of the discovery would be more about their embarrassment of invading your private clothing than overly concerned about why you're wearing a diaper or what is printed on the diaper. So, if there is ever a time you do need to wear diapers outside of your home then you don't really need to be overly concerned that someone has x-ray vision and a desire to harass you over your underwear choice (which would definitely teeter into sexual harassment territory at your place of work).

Ultimately, I would not be overly concerned about these things. Just enjoy wearing the diapers.
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