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This is to all the littles out there. How many of you involve diapers in your littleness or perhaps would consider diaper involvement in little time? I am a daddy/DL but also think diapers would make a girl all that much more cute/sweet and well, little. Share your thoughts. I want to get a general feel of littles and diaper involvement. I think it is adorable.
I am an AB and I wear diapers 24/7. I no longer own any regular underwear. Being diapered is extremely important to me being in littlespace. I get the feeling it's rather common because I've met a lot of ABDLs here.
By brittanie8988
Im a little and i dont mind diapers ive always wanted to use them in little space

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diapers aren't the most important thing in my littlespace largely because they are harder to hide than other things. a bottle/sippy/pacifier can be cleaned and hidden easily after use but the diapers if used must be disposed of. Which can be hard if living with family. And so now that i'm out on my own i incorporate it but its more of an added measure. Like i can be full on littlemode with watching netflix with a sippy cup but throw a diaper on me and maybe a diaper check every once in a while, and it just makes it that much easier to stay in littlespace longer.
I'm a little and I am also a diaper lover. I love the idea of wearing diapers and being able to use them when necessary. It helps me feel more like a little and stay in littlespace longer. I also like the idea of my daddy having to change me and me having to tell him when I need to be changed or him giving diaper checks. I think having a diaper change or even a check for that matter can offer an intimate moment and creates trust between the dd and lg.
By Deleted User 54099
I also really really like diapers, I'd even say they are a need for my littlespace. I love the heightened level of intimacy they bring and how they make me need a Mommy even more - they increase my dependence on a Mommy and that is always a good thing to me. Plus, they are simply super comfy, practical so I don't have to stop playing, and I think super adorable :)
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