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A question about the Buy and Sell section.  [Answered]

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A question about the Buy and Sell section.  [Answered]

Postby PrincessPandaStuffie » 7 months ago

My question is about the "Buy And Sell" section.

For example, let's say I had a shop I wanted to START, but I made a patreon for people to help me out to get it started on. I need to reach a certain goal in order for me to start the shop for CGL. Would I be able to advertise it on that page while showing what it is I'll be selling once I get the money? Or is that something that I have to post in the creativity section?
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Re: A question about the Buy and Sell section.

Postby admin » 7 months ago

Hi there!

The Buy, Sell, Trade, & Share portion of the site is not for shops of any sort. Marketing for your webstore would also not belong in the Photos, Artwork, & Stories Sharing either. Our community is not for third-party promotions, personal gain profits, or advertising.

Please refer to the Site Rules:
Self-promotion is not permitted. This includes linking to your personal webcam channel, GoFundMe and similar account pages, providing your affiliate or referral link to gain any type of currency, free item, discount, coupon, or other rewards.
Store, shop, Etsy, eBay, or other webmarket or webstore promotion is not permitted. Our Buy & Sell section of ours site is strictly for personal buying and selling and not for resellers or those looking looking to gain a customer base.
Link: app.php/page/rules

The Selling Rules post in that section of the site also clearly states:
  • Store, shop, Etsy, website, or any other selling is not permitted. This is not a site you can use to advertise your primary or side business. This is a place where you can post what you personally have to sell or trade; not what you're actively making to sell. This area of the site is really for person-to-person item sells!
Link: viewtopic.php?f=35&t=8

No, you may not link your webstore or however you're trying to gain funds for your webstore in our community. Our community is for building friendships and special connections while gaining and sharing knowledge, not for gaining customers or charity.


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