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How do I send private messages?

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How do I send private messages?

Postby PrincessDelishious » 6 months ago

I'm not able to Private message people because "Sending messages has been disabled for your user group"
What should I do?

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Re: How do I send private messages?

Postby admin » 6 months ago


I am sure I am going to come off as incredibly, but unintentionally, rude but please know that I'm seriously trying to figure out where you're having some problems. I want to help you and would like to get this resolved as quickly as possible for you. Have you tried reading the site's Get Started (Site Guide) link in the quick links menu or searching for your answer through the search field yet? Have you tried what was outlined in other similar "Help" topics yet? Aside from making this post to ask for site-related help, what have you done?
I'm not sure what you're not understanding and so it's difficult for me to point you in the right direction to get this resolved for you.

Assuming you've completely neglected to read all of the instructions we've splattered in front of your face through various methods like forum rules (the pink-red area that often appears directly above a forum when you click on that area of the site) and the instructional site guide that you're automatically directed to upon account registration (which would be so awfully hard to avoid seeing, in my opinion, but that's just my own personal belief based on the presentation we've created and my personal reading and comprehension skill level), please check these resources out:
If none of that helps please let me know so I'm aware of what steps you've taken so we can get your account into the full-feature group!

- Admin.

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