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Gender Changes and Censor Inqueries  [Answered]

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Gender Changes and Censor Inqueries  [Answered]

Postby Qt314ace » 6 months ago

Hello. Im sorry to be a butt with all my questions, but this one is serious.
My gender is gender fluid. When I first posted a personal ad in the Looking For Caregiver forum, I listed myself as male, as I am a transman. however, my little headspace tends to be more 'little girl'. Also, as I am biologically a female, with no surgery, I think my ad should reflect that and list me as a little girl. Is there a way to edit posts, or may I post a second ad without it being deleted, as the rules post in that subforum suggests might happen
Also, I am asexual. I am violently against beign in a se xual relationship. It is crucial to me that potential intrests know that I am not interested in s e x. I listed this in my profile and in my ad, yet on my computer, the s e x word was replaced with the word 'relations'. which is not adequate. however, I do not want my post taken down. How can I make it clear what my bounderies are without being banned. I am really really really trying to do the right thing. This place is all I have when it comes to littles, as every other meeting site is inheriantly se xual and extremely triggering to my ptsd. Please help. I am a good girl and do not want to get banned.
If the use of the spaces to circumnavigate the censor is against policy, please remove this post and message me. dont delete me. Im sorry

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Re: Gender Changes and Censor Inqueries

Postby admin » 6 months ago

Is there a way to edit posts, or may I post a second ad...
You are welcome to reply to your post. If your post has changed dramatically then you are able to mark your personals ad as "No Longer Seeking" and resubmit a new posting; however, please know that if you do this regularly we will begin to merge your posts together all into one topic thread.
...on my computer, the s e x word was replaced with the word 'relations'.
We have had to censor the site because we were being literally indexed by Google, Yahoo!, and Bing as a "adult art" adult site. (I believe this is due to both the wording and nature of the site's targeted audience, and our community misconceptions, but I am working with someone who is confident about their SEO knowledge.) In many cases, the wording in the posts was so "extreme" to these search engines they were de-indexing pages from us altogether since they were being flagged as not general-audience safe. As I've explained before, if we are removed from search engines then very few people--that includes potential future friends in the community--will find us.

What you can do is turn site OFF the word censor for your account, as outlined here: ... 30&t=10468

You can also indicate in your ad that some of the words you've typed are censored by our automatically-enabled word censor and you can encourage a prospective interest to disable their account censor as well if they are truly interested in reading more specifics about you. (Honestly though, if they aren't willing to actually read your ad and follow such a simple direction to know more about you then are they truly interested in knowing you?)

Please do not use spaces and periods to get around the word censor, as they will eventually be picked up by the automated process and censored too. Eventually (soon; sooner than you probably think) your "s e x" sly trick will become censored too. That is not an effective "work around" to getting your points across.

For the life of the site, we will not be removing the word censor at this point.

Also, many things on our site are not publicly accessible without a registered account in helps of reducing the search engine issues we are facing. The "Looking for..." personal ads area cannot even be seen by people not logged in, as a matter of fact.

Lastly, I mean this in no disrespect, but please be mindful that we are not a dating site. If you are only here to date and it is important to you to find someone disinterested in "sensual" contact then this may not be the place you want to post a personals ad to. This may just be a community where you connect with friends, which was (and is) the intentions of the site.

- Admin.

P.S. The term "nonsexual" is not censored and, to my current knowledge and belief, has been submitted into the system to not become censored in the future.

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