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Chat issues

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Chat issues

Postby krystakitty » 6 months ago

I can't go into chat. I checked everything that was included in another post. But I'm not allowed in chat..please help me
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Re: Chat issues

Postby admin » 6 months ago

Hi there!

I didn't see any introduction from you in the queue when they were approved, and I'm not seeing anything aside from help posts under your account. Introductions are mandatory to gaining full site features, such as chat room access. Here is a section for tips on creating a proper introduction of yourself: ... =3&t=10045

Also, take note that, as we've stated previously, it can up to 24 hours for us to manually review and move over accounts to full features, and we may hold accounts to review additional posts as we see necessary for the safety of the community. This is outlined here:

Introductions are mandatory! You must post an introduction if you are looking to gain full site features.
If your introduction did not permit you to be instantly moved to "Registered" account type (full features of private messaging, chat room access, and profile viewing) then continue to use the site as normally. Within the first few posts you will be accepted aboard with your new friends here. If you've posted quite a few posts and you still see that your content is being held for manual review then please contact the site Admin. by e-mail/direct-message for assistance and full review.
Please be patient and continue to use the site as normally. If you want to have your account fully reviewed then you're also welcome to e-mail us as directed and we will go through and make our final review. We review multiple posts from users from time to time before automatically moving their account over for added security reasons. We want everyone to have a safe and happy experience in our community.


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