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Littlespace Online has been recently looking for site moderators. We are pleased to announce that one of our members will be happily joining our team.

Scotty85 wrote:Hello everyone!

My name is Scott (or Scotty, as my little self likes to be called) and I'm a 31 year old graduate student located in the US (Pacific NW).

I've known for quite a while in my life that I was little but I never really allowed myself the freedom to let those thoughts come up to the surface and be expressed. I always tried to hide them behind some other assumption, kink, or belief. I was originally browsing fan fiction, which led me to some more serious/reputable sites, and later to LittleSpace, where I suddenly realized what it was that I was feeling and why it was so important to me. What really sunk into me though was the fact that there was a community of people who completely get it, and get me, without me having to justify or explain myself from the outset.

While I am required to be an adult for a large part of my school and professional career, I know now that I have an outlet to let myself be little and it's not something I need to "give myself permission" to do. A little about me as a little: (1) I love chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese; (2) Disney movies are the absolute best, especially the classics; (3) I can easily float in and out of my adult and little spaces, so if you have any doubts about where I am or need me to be in a particular space, just ask. Normally I'm about a 2-3 year old boy when I am fully in my little self.

A bit about my adult space: I've grown up being pretty involved in computers. I do game on Steam from time to time, mostly first person action/adventure/puzzle games. I used to play WoW but had to let my subscription lapse for school (Alliance mainly, but I'm not against the Horde). I'm a big fan of Cards Against Humanity and Exploding Kittens. I laugh out loud at Pearls Before Swine. I'm in healthcare by training so if you have any interest in that area as a career or career track don't hesitate to ask, I love to talk about it.

I think that's everything I have for now. I look forward to helping continue make this site a great, welcoming, and supportive space for both littles and bigs.
Scotty85 will be an official moderator for approximately 1-2 weeks throughout a brief trial period. During this time, Scotty85 will act fully as a moderator to help keep our site a safe, happy zone for all members and future members; however, if you feel you need to contact the site Admin. instead you are always welcome to do so to discuss any situation, question, or concern.

If you would like to become a moderator please see more information about it and the application on our moderation need page. We are actively seeking to grow our moderation team so now is the best time to apply!

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