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Littlespace Online has been recently looking for site moderators. We are pleased to announce that one of our members will be happily joining our team.

DevotedDolly wrote:Hello, everyone! I am Dolly. My real name is Annabelle, or Anna Banana, or Bananabells. Dolly is usually easier to remember, haha.

I have been in the DDlg lifestyle for seven years now. I, myself, identify as a little. I know a lot, and care about this alternative living, and the choices that come with it. I am here to offer support and guidance to other littles and Bigs alike. I know how hard it can be sometimes to feel different in a society that judges so harshly. I am an advocate for self love, even on the days when it's hard. I believe in being ourselves, fully little or Big, despite not having someone else. I understand the need we all feel to have someone else fill that void. To complete us. I have a soft spot for all Caregivers that just want to help us littles be ourselves.

I am here to help other littles have fun! Escaping into our realm and enjoying letting an innocent nature take over us. We deserve to be loved as we are! To giggle, be silly, and... BE LITTLE. I love escaping into my headspace. To watch hours of Winnie the Pooh. Eat cheese and bananas... YUM! And to just color, play, and be free. If you ever need someone to talk to I am right here! Please come to me when you need someone just to listen.

I am going to be running all future movie nights! I can't wait to give you all the things I have in store for this. I want so much for this community. I want everyone to come together. I love being here, and being apart of everyone's small victories in this lifestyle. We are an awesome community of individuals that is one day going to change the face of the Earth. I truly believe that.

I love all of you. Big and little alike. No matter what your preferences are in life.

So here's to spreading love and cheer! Lets be little for the rest of our years! (And love all the Bigs that are there to accept us in whole as we are.)
DevotedDolly will be an official moderator for approximately 1-2 weeks throughout a brief trial period. During this time, DevotedDolly will act fully as a moderator to help keep our site a safe, happy zone for all members and future members; however, if you feel you need to contact the site Admin. instead you are always welcome to do so to discuss any situation, question, or concern.

If you would like to become a moderator please see more information about it and the application on our moderation need page. We are actively seeking to grow our moderation team so now is the best time to apply!

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