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Littlespace Online has been recently looking for site moderators. We are pleased to announce that one of our members will be happily joining our team.


Snowflake911 wrote:Hello!

I'm Snowy, I'm a little and I've been on this site for 8 months and into this kinda stuff for a little over a year now. My favorite movie is Balto I really enjoy the community and want to do my best to help out.I love to color. get head pats and eat Chocolate chip pancakes and drink juice (i love em all! I hate Milk and meanie heads. Anyway, I'm super friendly so please don't hesitate to message me if you need a little help around here!


Snowflake911 will be an official moderator for approximately 3-4 weeks throughout a brief trial period. During this time, Snowflake911 will act fully as a moderator to help keep our site a safe, happy zone for all members and future members; however, if you feel you need to contact the site Admin. instead you are always welcome to do so to discuss any situation, question, or concern.

If you would like to become a moderator please see more information about it and the application on our moderation need page. We are actively seeking to grow our moderation team so now is the best time to apply!

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