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I don't wear diapers, use a paci or sippy cup, have stuffies, or watch a lot of little shows. Although I would like to have stuffies that suited who I am. I was not really into them, pink, or dolls even as a child. I liked scary stories, video games, fantasy, art, and learning new things a lot... I still love all of the same types of things.
Yeah, I pretty much avoid every aspect of the AB lifestyle of DDlg (no offense). I am open to pacis and sippy cups, but things like diapers and cribs just seem too extreme to me. I also don't eat like a little most of the time. I mean, I love dinosaur chicken nuggets as much as the next girl, but those things are expensive. Plus, I'm trying to lose weight, so I've cut out a lot of junk food.
I'm definitely not into diapers and I prefer not to be babied (have things done for me) too often because it makes me feel like things are one sided and I'm not putting in any work. Another thing I don't do is baby talk. I know a lot of people who do it but it's just not my thing and in my personal opinion can get a little annoying at times.
I don't do diapers because they would make me feel less of a human being when I go into little space, which would make things slightly traumatic for me ;-; I use sippies and pacis and stuffies as a part of my daily routine, however c: I wouldn't use a crib, I'd be okay with certain baby foods if Daddy were to feed me, I'm okay with the prospect of Daddy dressing me in the morning and brushing my hair, and I'm not okay with the idea of acting too "babyish". Me and Daddy both like me using pacis, sippies, stuffies, onesies, children's toys, and baby products such as baby lotion and bubble bath, but diapers are a hard limit /:
i personally wouldnt wear diapers or a bib, be fed or dressed, sleep in a crib or use a highchair, wear protective gloves/inherently baby-themed clothing, watch shows for kids under 8ish, or use baby babble as my main speech. im curious but erring on the iffy side of baby bottles, but sippies are a big yes for me! i also really like kigurumis/onsie jammies, snap crotch onesies, and pastels! and those tportion plates for kids are honestly so soothing and get me right into littlespace :3c and i loooooove stuffies and playmat rooms!
I personally would never poop or pee in diapers ever but if my daddy was open to diapers ,I'd wear them just for show. I'm majorly open to most things but a highchair would make me uncomfortable? Maybe if it was built for an Adult I'd be more comfortable with it. I also perfer Sippy cups over Bottles but bottles don't bother me as much and I'll use them if I feel like I wanna change things up.
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