Littles here answer questions about being a Little.
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Only people identifying as Age Regressors (littles, middles, adult babies, etc.) or switches should be replying to these topics!
We definitely do exist \(OuO)/
And I wouldn't say we're rare or few either, just comparatively, to the 'Muricans-etc. on this site you're less likely to bump into us @u@
But I've seen plenty of UK peoples come and go around the site ^U^

Nice to meetcha'll! :{D

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I don't belong in this thread but I wanted to point out that statistically, with the US being approx. 318 million people and the UK being approx. 64 million people, (according to the google) you're more likely to run into us 'Mericans just because of statistics.

That being said, nothing cuter than an English accented little. ^.^

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