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When did you first suspect you were a little?

Posted: |July 10th, 2019|, 9:50 pm
by NewQuestions
Let's talk about our personal self discovery within the community!

When did you start thinking that you might naturally experience age regression?
Was there something that solidified your speculation and you had a massive, "Ah-hah!" moment?
Did someone introduce you to it?
Did you find information online that fueled your discovery?
How old, biologically, were you at the time?
Have you somehow have always known?
Has it taken you time to better understand and accept yourself?

Re: When did you first suspect you were a little?

Posted: |July 10th, 2019|, 10:42 pm
by AzureAndVanilla
These are our milestones:

- Our oldest memory of every desiring to be Babies was when we were age 5. Our dream consisted of us being a little baby in the arms of a woman that was not our biological mother.
- At age 12 we tried, for the very first time after having been potty trained our first diaper. It felt very right, and we knew back then that we definitely wanted to wear diapers again and be Babies.
- At age 13 we stumbled upon our first AB/DL/Babyfur community, and it connected so deeply with us to the point of knowing, without a doubt, what we wanted, and who we wanted to associate with.
- At 22, our Mommy helped us discover our innermost regressive feelings.
- At 24 was the very first time we ever felt fully and completely regressed while in a visit with our Mommy.

Regression has been a lifelong dream and desire, and throughout the years, with practice and with other people we have learned about ourselves and our tendencies and personality. Every day is a new discovery for us!


Posted: |July 11th, 2019|, 12:52 am
by Guest
when i was about 12 and now i have a wonderful daddie to live with currently looking for friends and a mommie

Re: When did you first suspect you were a little?

Posted: |July 11th, 2019|, 1:44 am
by ari8
If I would've known age regression was a thing in high school, I would've ended up identifying with it at that point. It wasn't until a few years ago that I found out regression existed and recognized myself in what I was reading/seeing, which encouraged me to try out things like pacis and sippies. I can't give a lot of detail about how exactly I came to identify as an age regressor because it was during a traumatic time in my life so unfortunately I don't have clear memories of it...

Re: When did you first suspect you were a little?

Posted: |July 11th, 2019|, 3:18 am
by Entrese
I remember that I would always have my days and moments where things felt to "big" and I wouldn't "act my age". I've been fond of doing little things, but at first I did not know it was something normal or that it had a name. Someone I met a long while back introduced the title and lifestyle to me and I just felt that it clicked with my behavior.

Re: When did you first suspect you were a little?

Posted: |July 12th, 2019|, 7:11 pm
by littlefiger
I suppose suspecting I was a little versus know what a little are a bit different. All my life I've had an odd fascination with toys, diapers, and things that make me feel kind of like a kid. I didn't understand any of it until I was 20 when I found out that I wasn't alone in this way of thinking.

I learned whilst on a google search randomly and found some cute babyfur related pictures and did some delving into figuring out the definitions and learning from others posting about the way of life.

Re: When did you first suspect you were a little?

Posted: |July 14th, 2019|, 2:02 am
by BbySadie3
I think the first time I realized I was a little was around the age of 13-14? I didn’t want to grow up.. I wanted to be a child forever.

Around 15-16 I preferred the comfort of caregivers, never really acting my age, always acting much younger.

Between the ages of 17-19 I had to “grow up” never really enjoying life because it wasn’t who I wanted to truly be.

At the ages of 22-24 I realized being a little is okay. Being who I want to be is okay and it’s what I enjoy. I enjoy being a little, around the ages of 4-8. Depends on the day. I enjoy being taken care of, loved, adored by a mommy or a daddy.. I want to enjoy being who I am truly. :pacy: