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I would say, the more the better for me, if my Caregiver picked out my clothes I would probably not be able to talk for a while cause it would put me so deep in little space, but I would never ask for it because I would get too shy/scared. but I do think there would be a point where I wouldn't feel safe with them doing something for me, like, I had a caregiver who couldn't plan dates ^^; they just went wrong a lot of the time, so I wouldn't let them plan the date and I would take over that part

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I let my caregiver do as much as hes willing to embrace , if I wanna try something new I introduce it in a discussion and I can usually tell whether or not hes really up for it , he dresses me and undresses me as well as baths me and cooks for me and his most important job of all loving me and helping me stay little ! :heart:

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I think because of my little age being around 1 1/2 to 2 years old, there is quite a bit that I have allowed my previous daddy to do and would allow my next daddy to do if he was comfortable with it. Some of the things I like and allow my caregiver to do include,

-checking and changing my diaper regularly
-bottle feeding me (juice, water, milk)
-spoon feed me/cook and prepare food for me
-pick out my clothes for when we are staying in
-brushing my teeth and hair
-bathing me
-tuck me into bed/set a bedtime
-play with me/read to me/cuddle with me
-set rules and punishments

These are just a few things I allow my caregiver to do with me, but if there was something else they felt they should have control over I would be willing to discuss it with them and maybe add it into our relationship

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