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Something that we would like to have done for us is have our boogers pulled out by our Mommy. It is a very parental form of care, that shows a genuine want to express the CGl dynamic.

A few other examples:
- Having our diapers constantly checked and changed.
- Being pushed in a stroller.
- Having our clothes chosen.
- Having our diet figured out, and being manually fed.
- Allowing Mommy to make health and financial decisions on our behalf.
- Having our teeth brushed.

We personally do not see anything that would be off-limits for us whenever it comes to the care received from our Mommy. We would want to be treated basically the same way as biological Infants.

What are some of the limits that you have? What are some of the uncommon things that you would want your Caregiver to do for you?

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Most of that's a bit much for me. I would want her to pick out clothes for me and maybe bathe me, but beyond that I really want her to help me help myself. Like, I need to be reminded to bathe, brush my teeth, do my homework, etc. I think that's probably typical for my regression age, though.

But, the most important thing for me is just having someone to hold me (or to hold) and hopefully pet me 'til I fall asleep every night.

Oh, I also have a lot of trouble with paperwork & bureaucracy (like medical forms and taxes), so if someone could do that for me, that would be amazing! :yay:

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There are some things I prefer to do when big, like financial decisions and major health decisions, along with my studies and things of that nature. I choose to stay big for these tupes of things and keep them to myself more than sharing with my partner. But, I also like being little and allowing him to take over alot of control, and wouldnt be opposed to things like:
-diapering, however I don’t -use- them so checking wouldn’t be plausible
-making food decisions/feeding me
-bathing me
-picking out my clothes for staying around the house (not out in public)
-holding me (I’m a cuddle fiend)
-helping me do my chores
-reminding me to wash up properly
-brushing my teeth
-helping me with everyday things i feel too little to do
I don’t think I’d let him do things that are as far as changing my diaper or wiping my nose, but it’s really amazing you guys have that level of respect and trust!! :yay:

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Hmmm, well I don't have a Mommy yet but if I did...... I'm a younger little, more at the baby age, so really as much as possible I think.

-Diapering - checks and changes.
-Feeding me
-Bath time!
-Picking out my clothes
-Lots of cuddees of course
-Brushing my teeth much as she wants. I really like greater dependence depictions between baby and mommy. The more she can take on that motherly role the better to be honest.

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