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Or even better ... when you are feeling little, how do you know that's how you're feeling at the time?
(Thank you to MommaStrange for presenting this as an alternative question in another post.)

Sometimes it's difficult to tell if I'm in Little Space because 90% of the time I have to keep my adult self in check.
There are times when I can't display my mindset, so I have to do Little Space inside my head sort of a mental "What if I could ..." game.

Some of the less obvious signs occur during my older mindset and could include:
  • Everything must be PINK! Well .. pink and white would be ok, I guess.
  • I want to color (either on paper or with Cross-Stitch World on Facebook)
  • I'm easily distracted and nothing seems to hold my attention very long.
  • I need Daddy's attention .. won't let him out of my sight .. SNUGGLES!!! :yay:
  • I start baby-talking .. mostly adding "s" or "ies" to the end of my words.
The times when I regress to a younger state of mind are more obvious. These include:
  • I am extremely clingy .. I NEED to be held and cuddled by Daddy.
  • I will climb into Daddy's lap and curl up all on my own without asking.
  • Straddle and face Daddy, head on shoulder .. rather than front or side.
  • My speech becomes choppy .. words/phrases instead of sentences.
  • I stutter or say the wrong words, what I say doesn't make any sense.
  • When typing I lose caps and punctuation, and my spelling is terrible.
  • I point, nod/shake head, say "uh huh" or "nuh uh, pull, poke, whine.
  • I don't want to do things on my own. I want Daddy to do stuff for me.
  • I'll settle for drinks in a lidded juice bottle, but secretly want a sippy.
  • I NEED my stuff, binkie and my favorite blankie - the pink and purple!.
  • I cry easily .. and once started, I become a complete emotional wreck.
  • Daddy is ALL MINE! I become jealous, possessive, selfish, and bratty.

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