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 ! Message from: admin
Azure&Vanilla have contacted admin to explain that Spanish is their first language and did not understand the word "justify" in English as thoroughly when translating their words to English. They've said that they did not mean to upset anyone and didn't understand there was any offense over using the word. They humbly extend apologies to anyone who may have been upset or hut by their use of the word, and would like to say that they are also hurt from this accident.

So, the use of "justify" in this post is simply due to an innocent language barrier because the poster does not primarily speak English.
We suggest you reword the question in your mind to something personally non-offending when replying at this point.

Please answer the actual question and not solely focus on the innocent misuse of one word that was accidentally used. Responses only remarking about the use of "justify" will be removed and you will receive a warning. Please be fair and kind to each other.

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By Deleted User 49385
I can tell you in a simple way how! I'm a little. I enjoy it and it hurts no one or myself. Because others around me can't understand why I am me and this way does not make it bad or wrong. It does not hurt things I need to do as an adult as well. If your hurt or being hurt cause of it, then you can't justify it.

So enjoy being a little! Love yourself and be you! stay safe and have fun with it! when you figure out in the end what brings you peace and happiness you will have no need to justify anything to anyone or yourself!

I'm a 24/7 ab and love me for me and the people around me that care do as well!

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