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Engaging in little activities like shows or coloring or using my little plates/sippies, or wearing certain clothes can deepen my feelings of being little, but about the only time I don't feel at least a little little is when I'm having to deal with big crisis level stuff.

Only a few people I know IRL know about my little side, but since they know me well, it wasn't so much a revelation as just an explanation or name for why I like some of the things I do. Mostly I just act like me, just as I always have, I'm just a little more confident about it, now. And those who don't know (which are most) probably think I'm a little odd, but I don't mind.

For me, it's easier to reign it in around people who wouldn't get it than force them to recognize my littleness. I can be authentic to myself and still be situationally aware and act appropriate to the situation (work, social, etc.)--the two aren't mutually exclusive and I don't need them to validate my identity as a little. But I also don't want to make them uncomfortable or open a can of worms having to explain it to the vanilla community I live and work in, so like I said, I reign it in :)

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How do you get into little space?

I'm pretty much always in little space I do website design as a business and I have to work to get out of little space just to meet with clients it's hard D:

How did you come out to your friends as a little?

I'm pretty new to this so far I've only told my best friend I have other friends but they aren't as close to me...but me and him have been through hell on earth together lol so he didn't judge me :3

Is it hard to be a little around your friends?

Yeah I think to them it just looks like I have a lot of social anxiety and that I'm quiet but that's it most of them don't know.

If you can't express this part of yourself in front of the people you are close to, what do you do?

Still trying to figure that out :P I guess relax, listen to music, talk to friends, and watch anime/play video games :3

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