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By alittlescared
I am emotionally needy and in need of constant reassurance more than anything else (though I would love to be cuddled) and I don't have a caregiver... does anyone have any tricks to help? Ive tried hot drinks cause its supposed to simulate human touch but its not enough and I don't know what to do cause its effecting my sleep and moods and I never feel secure... someone please help me out.

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Maybe a mantra would help? A phrase you could repeat to yourself when you need reassurance that would be comforting.

Have you tried creating a chore/task chart and awarding yourself stickers or points for achieving your goals? Sometimes that can be very reassuring, to feel that sense of accomplishment.

Or maybe connect with another little im your same situation and you two could reassure each other?

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I know how you feel, I'm in the same boat myself. Some things that help me are cuddling with my stuffed animals and talking to them, keeping a diary about little things that I like, want, or writing or reading stories. Coloring and cuddling with my pets also helps. Spending time with people I feel close with also helps, even though I haven't told them I'm a little.You can also talk to the people here on the site, and make friends. So far for me everyone had been very welcoming.

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