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This post has 70 replies and should give you an idea of the sentiment the community has towards pacifiers.

Do you use an adult pacifier?

How do we personally feel about them? Our opinion splits in two. One part is how we feel about them and the other is how we feel the community usage of them.

We like pacifiers. They are soothing, natural to use, inherently cute. They calm us and relax us, keeping us quiet for the most part. We drool some with them, too.

We don’t like how cheaply pacifiers have become. There has been a sudden flood of a few pacifier models that everybody seems to be using nowadays, since they are inexpensive. We have personally tried them but they feel uncomfortable, flimsy, like toys. Oral hygiene should be taken seriously, and even when those pacifiers are made with silicone, he highly doubt that the other pieces are made out of good quality plastic.

We recommend you purchase pacifiers from
Pacifiers R U, Adult Pacifier, Nuk Medicpro L (you can buy these last ones from Amazon, under the Gerner NUK tab, or other retailers).

We DO NOT recommend things like this ”Baby Pants Classic” style. However, other selections from that same website are okay.

Opinion aside, nobody in the community will reject the notion of using pacifiers. A lot of Littles enjoy using them.

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