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Hello! So I'm new here. As in I'm kinda new to this, but I know I've been interested for a long time, but I haven't really acted upon it until now. So I need a few tips from some of the Littles.

Like what should I do for supplies? (Pacifiers, diapers) I live at home with my mom and ive managed to get away with having plushies because of my naturally childish personality, but thats about it, I can't really do much since I share a room with my brother (thankfully he's gone most of the time) and I've found a perfect spot to hide my things. But I don't know much about diapers or pacifiers. I cant buy things online, so what should i do?

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Hello, and welcome to LSO!

We answered a similar question here:
How to make yourself comfortable and confident enough to get what you need as a Little?

We strongly suggest that you make sure you know what boundaries lie in your home. What’s safe and what’s not safe to do. Be mindful and prepare for being caught if that happens. It happened to us.

If you decide to go through, there are a few alternatives. If you wish to buy things online, then you could buy yourself a Visa prepaid card, find yourself somebody or someplace nearby you can ship to (a local P.O. box, you could rent for a month or so), and do the shopping then.

If that’s an absolutel no-go, then there are a few products that aren’t the best but aren’t the worst.

Pacifiers, we suggest Mam 18mo+, or NUK 3, as those are the largest sizes commercially available and you can find them around.

Diapers, we haven’t really found any diaper that has suited us well in pharmacies. Feel free to browse the diapers section of Littlespace Online. Our mis Heisenberg has been nice in reviewing a few diapers on the market.

You can also look online for tutorials on how to make yourself onesies with an oversized t-shirt, scissors, snaps, a needle and some thread! If
You’re crafty and creative then it’s not hard to do.

Anything else, as in toys and such for regression age range, you can practically find anywhere.

Be creative. Don’t box yourself with the idea that you have no access to these things, as a lot of things are available all around!

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if Your in the uk like me then you can use these sites

I’ve used all of these Tom buy little stuff, such as onesies, diapers, sippy cups, pacifiers even cute tops and bottoms so can be Deseret little in public, but as with everything if you live with parents or even room mates b prepared to hide stuff

Hopefully this helps :)

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