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*The three S’s are instant regression: sick, sleepy or stressed. (Good luck if it’s more then one lol)
*Everything about Daddy!! His voice, him holding me, brushing my hair, calling me Precious or Babygirl or Angel, his stern look, and especially when he gets playful like tickling or chasing me. And so many more things!!! He has no idea how much he puts me in little space. Lol
*cuddling Bunny (Stuffie from Daddy) or Christine (dolly from bio mom)
*Cute jammies and pigtails
*Pink, purple and glittery anything!! All the shinies!!! :<3:

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The three s def! My daddy giving me pats or calling me his princess or little one. My stuffies/binkies. To many people around...people scare me so I go tiny when theres to many around so I can deal. I like green things and glitter as well. When I watch my little pony that gets me there fast..pinky pie is the best...js.

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Things that put me in little space are:
With Dada -
- Daddy reading me a bedtime story
- Daddy feeding me warm milkies
- Daddy checking that I have done all my chores
- Daddy using his Daddy voice
- Daddy being in control

Without Dada -
- Reading ddlg stories on wattpad etc
- cuddling my teddies
- drinking from my sippy cup
- texting Daddy if I'm allowed to do something aka. eat ice-cream :D

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I may have a fewwww weird ones
  • Being Stressed, whenever Im super stressed my mind tends to shove me into little space
    Teasing/baby talk/playing with others. If they over react its even better
    Being adulted, like someone telling me it's bed time or I need to do something.
    I havent tried this one yet but I feel like it may already do it, being fed, my god I wanna try it so bad :tears: :>.<: :<3:
    Relaxing with my binky or sippy cup
    watching childhood cartoons
    surprisingly sometimes when I drink I get sent into little space
    sucking my thumb
    having hatsuharu(my stuffed animal) laying with me
    A spotify playlist I have to send me into little space.

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By Deleted User 54333
anything bunny
hello kitty figures
cute pjs and fuzzy socks
baby scents like body wash/bubble bath
idk too many shows but so far I love pinkie and the brain and maisy they always bring out little me

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