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I think what puts me in little space the most is when I'm sleepy. I just love curling up with my big bear stuffy and be safe and warm... Other little space inducers include:

- being called a good girl
- having my hair ruffled or pet
- hair ties!! pigtails!!!
- being called a silly girl or being told to stop whatever mischief I'm up to
- biting my bottom lip and making the "totally innocent" face
- being tucked into bed...
- teatime with biscuits or chocolate
- lollipops make for an instant little Milly
- holding hands (especially swinging them back and forth!)

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  • Being reeeaaaally sleepy
  • Being called a good girl
  • Having a warm, clean room
  • Getting all my chores done!!! I have a sticker chart and it always makes me feel small when I get to put a cool sticker on it
  • Baby lotion
  • Watching certain cartoons like David the Gnome or the Land Before Time (my Daddy says i sound like ducky)
  • Macaroni and cheese or juice boxes or these little penguin crackers we get at Aldis or Apples with peanut butter or other certain little snacks
  • Arts and crafts!! I love love love to colorrrr and to cut things out and stuff
  • Being read to. That's a big one
  • :stuffie: Getting new stuffies or playing with the ones i already have
  • Tea Parties! I don't get to do them often but when i do, its so so so much fun

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The things that put me in little space are~
*Bubble baths
*My Daddy saying that he has to dress me because I'm too little to do it by myself.
*When I'm tired
*When I'm called Yenjunnie or JuJu.
*When someone feeds me.
*And when my Daddy or someone else begs me to go into little space.

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When my Daddy gives me massages he puts me over his lap and rubs my neck and back and hiney. He pets my hair and tells me I’m. good girl and I’m sweet. Also I stay in little space at all times. I tried very hard to grow up for almost a whole year. I dressed in very grown up clothes and no matter how hard I tried it felt fake. It also made me sad. But I feel the happiest and the littlest when I’m in his lap getting petted and massages. ::3: :pheart:

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Well I used to have a coworker who always called me Koneko-Chan (Japanese for kitten), and that always put never into little space real quick.
-Also, wearing and wetting diapers
-Adding extra padding to said diapers so I waddle when I try to walk
-Using my paci
-Dressing super cute and girly
-Watching cartoons and movies
-Drinking apple juice (especially out of a sippy cup)
-listening to cute jpop music
-covering myself in multiple blankets
-Coloring in my coloring books
:gigs: :gigs: :gigs:

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