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Never having explored my ABDL side with others, I'm curious to know what it feels like to have a daddy caring for you full-time. It must be amazing being able to be yourself and have someone accept and care for you. I've now reached the point in my life where I would love to find a daddy or caretaker, so I would love to learn more about that dynamic. Tell me about your experiences with your daddy/little relationships!

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Well that all really depends on the daddy, I myself am a more sensual daddy coming from a kink background. But there are non sensual daddies out there too. Also it will depend on if the daddy can deal with diapers, or it will depend on how much freedom you want. All serious relationships like this dynamic require serious negotiations. Things like food limitations and allergies, bathroom limitations, privilege limitations, I know it's starting to sound like slavery a bit but to most people it's about authentication and mindset. Babies really can't do certain things, so there's a lot of power play involved.

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There are very good things with having a full time Daddy. I get snuggles almost every morning. Sometimes I have to give up snuggle times and that makes me cranky... He does things for me and plays with me and stuff... takes me shopping for little stuff I love. But then there's Daddy needs to work and sleep and he works third shift so I'm alone a lot and sometimes that sucks. He tries to keep me safe and cared for, so I am not upset. Jus tthere's always downsides to a life relationship that sometimes we don't think about.

My Daddy likes to spoil me, but he also has to set rules and will punish me if I disobey him. I don't like punishment but I understand that sometimes I have to. But Daddy likes to spank me for fun times and I really like that.....

I need to stop rambling. If you think you're ready, go find yourself a Caregiver. Just be careful and find a good one. I've had some scary "caregivers" before. They call themselves a caregiver but they're not and don't understand what it means to be one.

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